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Black Redhorse
Moxostoma duquesnei

Facts about Black Redhorse

IDENTIFICATION: These fish are gray or brownish-olive with silvery-blue iridescence. The scales have a dark edge, but lack dark bases. The back edge of a black redhorse's lips form a straight line as opposed to the "V" formed by the lips on a golden redhorse.

RANGE AND HABITAT: Black redhorse are native to Ohio and are found statewide. They inhabit swift flowing portions of moderate or large sized streams with clear water. Preferred substrates include, gravel, bedrock or sand. Black redhorse appear to be less tolerant of low gradients, turbidity, and siltation than golden redhorse.

LIFE HISTORY: Black redhorse spawn in late April. The eggs are broadcast over a substrate of fine rubble, sand, and gravel in water between 6 and 24 inches deep. Young redhorse feed in schools near emergent aquatic vegetation. Adult fish usually feed in schools just above or below a riffle moving slowly over the bottom. Their diet is composed of larval fly species and other insects.

ADULT SIZE: Black redhorse are the smallest of the redhorse species with adults usually between 10 to 15 inches in length. Some adults may approach 7 pounds and reach 26 inches.

FISHING METHODS: Generally, black redhorse are not targeted by anglers. However, they are sometimes taken on small hooks baited with worms.

Source: courtesy Ohio DNR


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